Using Your 3D Printer To Make CNC Fixtures

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Using Your 3D Printer To Make CNC Fixtures

One thing that I think about a lot, probably more than I should, is that 3d printers are ugly. Some silly decorations, though completely pointless, can drastically alter your perception of the machine. Two machines can feel totally different in capability based on the aesthetics even if the guts are identical.

This got me wondering how I would decorate my 3d printer to make it more appealing. Not necessarily to make it seem more capable, but to make it something I’d like to display. This tiny piece is just an experiment to see how I feel about it.

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I’m happy with how this little decoration turned out. It doesn’t change the look of the whole machine but it’s a good start in my mind.

The bigger and more interesting thing for me was how awesome it was to be able to just print up custom fixturing for the job. Holding down this part is a bit of a pain and making a tiny reverse vise was just a perfect solution.

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Now I just have to think up a few more mods to make this 3d printer a centerpiece I’d be happy to display in my living room!

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