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WINNERS in the MAKE/MakerBot 3D printer giveaway!

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WINNERS in the MAKE/MakerBot 3D printer giveaway!

Big news! We’re SO EXCITED to announce the winners in the MAKE/MakerBot CupCake CNC 3D printer kit giveaway! Participants were asked to design 3D objects and upload them to Thingiverse, where they were judged by Bre Pettis, Gareth Branwyn, and Becky Stern based on complexity, ingenuity, and “MakerBottability,” or how likely they are to print successfully on a MakerBot CupCake CNC. Entrants could also quality for a runner up prize pack by submitting an idea for something to print. Here are the results!

Grand Prize winner of a Deluxe CupCake CNC kit: jmillerid for his CupCake Transformer

What’s cooler than transformers? A Cupcake CNC transformer with a Bre head? This is a fully articulated assembly that transforms from a Cupcake CNC to a Bre-bot. I started with a snap-together design (see the attached concept sketches) but migrated to a bolt-together kit for various reasons. The final design allows for fine adjustment of the joint tension so the transformer can stand in any position but still be movable, positionable, transformable! See the animated transformation here: Modeled in NX6, rendered and animated in Modo, .stl files cleaned up in Blender, exploded view created with Rhino and Illustrator, sketches with Sharpie.

It should be noted that the use of Bre’s head in this model had no bearing on its winning status; it’s simply the most complex, ingenious, and MakerBottable entry! Contributing Make: Online writer John Baichtal liked it so much, he made a post about it a while back, calling it “1000X awesome.” We agree. Congrats, Joel, you’ve earned yourself a free MakerBot 3D printer kit!

Each of five runners up receive a “Poor Person’s 3D Fabbing” prize pack including:

Stereoscopic Viewer


Can you imagine using a a 3D printer to make a 3D viewer to turn 2D images into 3D? Thats 11D!

This is a stereoscope used for viewing stereo pairs (two images that together make a 3D image) arranged parallel style (not cross-eye). Thanks to its central pivot, it can be used with a wide variety of image sizes. It’s ideal for viewing pairs made of two 5×7″ photo prints, or images approximately that size on a monitor. It’s also fun to just plain look through the viewer, because it increases your depth perception by effectively moving your eyes farther apart.

Kongorilla’s stereoscopic viewer comes with ridiculously great instructions and sample images to use with it. Here’s our favorite:


Ultra Compact Pinhole


There were at least 4 pinhole camera entries for the contest and this one by LeoM looks really good!

Sarrus Z axis


The Sarrus linkage by fdavies is really an impressive piece of machinery that uses lots of small MakerBottable parts to make a large and wonderful contraption!

2 Channel Rhythm Contraption


Solidworksmagi submitted 50 designs to the giveaway making him the most prolific contributor to the contest. He is truly a Solidworks Magi! We like his 2 channel, 2 gear programmable percussion & rhythm machine.

LED Candles

“Eyepokerouter” wrote in with his winning idea:

I am working on making LED candles for a friend’s upcoming 30th birthday. These candles need to go on a cake, so it would be great to be able to print out the candle shape, leaving two channels for the LED leads and wires to run through. This would look much better than the straws filled with glue that I am currently planning on using.

Hopefully you can make those candles with your new Shapelock and Arduino!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everybody who participated! There were so many great entries to the giveaway that we also want to share with you the honorable mentions. Check them out after the jump!


Folding Guitar Stand by juniortan


Robotic Hand by armjunkie


MakerBot Defender by DemonDust


Pinhole Camera Mark II by NoUseForAdventures


Mecanum wheel by Zaggo (also used in ROB K636’s bot)


Motorized half automatic pano head by Fx_CAD


Printable Modular Machine Components by pandelume


Interesting Geared Device by nicholasclewis


Citrus Press by TomZ


The Prosthetic Hand Kit by spedzero

22 thoughts on “WINNERS in the MAKE/MakerBot 3D printer giveaway!

  1. Ben says:

    While I’m bummed I didn’t win, these are all pretty amazing entries. Congrats everyone!

  2. kongorilla says:

    Congrats to jmillerid! After seeing your entry, and the popular reaction to it, I got a head start on the five stages of grief so I could be a gracious loser today. Great work!

    I’m a little sad, however, that one of the runner-up prizes isn’t a print of my object. :(

  3. Bre Pettis says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated. There were 498 entries in total and the submissions were awesome.

  4. NoUseForAdventures says:

    I was an honorable mention!

    What, don’t I get like a free t-shirt or something?

    Haha, Just kiddin’.

    Great job everyone!

  5. Tox Gunn says:

    Kongorilla – I’m local to you, and would be game to print one out for you once I finish rebuilding my printhead. Drop me a note.

    1. Becky Stern says:

      That’s so sweet of you!

    2. kongorilla says:

      Yes, that really IS sweet! It was also suggested to me via email that I might visit a hackerspace get-together and see if someone there would print one for me.

      Don’t be surprised if I take you up on yer offer, Mr. Tox Gunn! Maybe sometime after Maker Faire I’ll contact you.

      BTW, phrases like “finish rebuilding my printhead” help take the sting out of losing the contest. A little. ;)

      1. Knightmare says:

        It should really read “finish rebuilding my printhead AGAIN”

        Those things are so touchy…

        1. Tox Gunn says:

          Sadly, not just “again”, but plural..;) I’ve got a head devoted to ABS and one to PLA, and both have been down for the past couple months since I haven’t had the cycles to rebuild, rev s/w to current, recalibrate, etc.

          Did spend a couple hours last night soldering up a hbp though, so will at least get the ABS head back up and running this weekend to take advantage of it.

          Soon, soon there will be more botting…;)

      2. Tox Gunn says:

        In that case, Noisebridge has a makerbot if I recall correctly, and the folks associated with them that I’ve run into have been pretty enthusiastic.

  6. Open3DPrinted Camera | La genèse says:

    […] pouvoir être imprimé sur les machines de l’époque mais j’ai tout de même obtenu la 3ème place à ce concours ce qui m’a motivé à poursuivre […]

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