Craft a Flatpack Slab Table with Evan and Katelyn

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Craft a Flatpack Slab Table with Evan and Katelyn

Evan and Katelyn are back again, this time with a fantastic project that mixes traditional woodworking with CNC tools. They’ve visited Crafted Workshop to learn a few new things and craft a flat pack slab table.

This is such a great example of how you can use a CNC machine as another tool in your shop without defaulting to the typical look of CNC made furniture. They’re essentially just using it to create cuts for them in order to save time. However, as you can see in the video, the CNC machine doesn’t just do the work for you. Not only do you have to put in a bunch of time and expertise to program it, there’s a chance you’ll need to do some hand work afterwards.

Their result is a beautiful piece of furniture that doesn’t look like your typical “flat pack” furniture either, but does in fact pack flat and get shipped back to their house.

Proud Parents: “We love you slabby, no matter how much resin you eat”

I’ve really been enjoying watching these two as they explore and learn woodworking. Their trials, tribulations, and lessons learned are approachable, and their attitude is unbeatable. I also realized that even though I’ve watched most of their videos I hadn’t actually subscribed. Remember, subscriptions are super important to people who put the effort in to create these videos (it’s a lot of work!) so go subscribe.


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