DiResta: Ice Pick 2.0

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DiResta: Ice Pick 2.0


A few years ago, I began to carry an awl or an ice pick. It comes in handy more often then you might think. But it can be dangerous without a sheath — I often end up poking my self.

I have been developing few different designs to cover the pick. In this design, I make a screw-on sheath. The handle and sheath are cut from the same 1/2″ solid brass rod. I use a 7/16-20 tap and die to make the connection, and my 1950s South Bend lathe. The final result is a bit heavy, but I’ll continue to remake and improve this tool. Thank you, and enjoy.

1 thought on “DiResta: Ice Pick 2.0

  1. krazz says:

    Nice. Elegantly simple. Time to fire up the 9A.

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