Ikea for Farming: Flat-Pack Hen House, Worm Bin, Beehive

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Ikea for Farming: Flat-Pack Hen House, Worm Bin, Beehive

AKERAs many of us become more concerned and aware of the foods we are consuming, urban farming has taken off as not only a way to produce healthy foods, but also to help produce foods in a more economical and environmentally-friendly fashion. Now, the AKER project is utilizing the power of CNC technology to make food production tools available to everyone.


The flat pack designs make it efficient for the AKER team to ship to backers around the world, and construction can be completed quickly thanks to the slot and peg assembly systems. The AKER farming system includes a beehive, chicken coop, raised bed garden, worm composter, and an indoor grow wall. For those with access to a CNC router, the AKER team is also releasing the plans for all 6 designs allowing them to be cut locally.


4 thoughts on “Ikea for Farming: Flat-Pack Hen House, Worm Bin, Beehive

  1. tilzey says:

    More information, please

    1. phreakincool says:

      There is a link to AKER’s IndieGoGo crowdfunding page. There’s a video there and the page contains a wealth of info. In case you don’t see it above, here it is: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aker-print-your-urban-farm–2

  2. John says:

    Cool designs, but why boast so much about CNC routers? They’ve been around for ages, it’s not the enabling technology, nor is it the most scale-able manufacturing technique regarding cost.

    Cool idea though.

  3. Brooke Medlin says:

    This all looks really cool, save for the hen house. Chickens prefer large groups, not pairs. :)

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