Bicycle rim antenna

Bicycle rim antenna

Bike Rim Antenna-2
Bike Rim Antenna Detail-1

Keep an eye out for good salvagable parts, especially around spring cleaning time –

Several months ago I was walking home from the post office, nearing my place I saw it was “clean-up week”, the curb dotted with various piles of junk people had put out to be disposed off by the council pickup. The pile outside my block of units had mostly busted furniture, but one item caught my eye, an Aluminium bicycle rim. I dug it out and took a closer look. The spokes and hub were all rust-pitted chromed steel, and physically it was for a child’s bike, only around 580 mm in diameter, but the Aluminium itself looked to be in good shape. Antenna was the immediate thought, so I carried it back to the shack.

Head over to Alan’s lab for detailed info – Bicycle Rim Antenna for 20 Metres [via]