Drone Racing League Is Here and It Looks Awesome

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Drone Racing League Is Here and It Looks Awesome

If you haven’t yet seen drone racing yet, get ready to have your mind blown. These drone flyers strap tiny cameras to ultra speedy quadcopters, put on fancy goggles, and jet through insane obstacle courses at breakneck speeds. The drivers sees the race from the perspective of these tiny, buzzing speed machines and fly as though they were actually on-board. As you can see in the video, the pace is frenetic and crashes are common. This looks, simply put, awesome.

With the launch of the league and youtube channel, the group has released a few educational videos.

What Are Quadcopter Drones?

Combine a light weight carbon fiber frame with super powerful motors and you’ll have a drone that is insanely fast. You’ve probably also noticed they’re lit up like crazy. This isn’t just for aesthetics. They’re so fast and small that the lights help the spectators track them as they zip around. It also just looks really, really cool.

What Is FPV Flying

Flying a drone is pretty neat. However, flying from the drone’s point of view is incredible. FPV flying places your “eyes” on the drone itself.

Who Are the Pilots?

This is the first season. like any sports season, they need some rockstars for us to cheer on and leer at. Currently there are 17 pilots, each with their own preference on equipment and flying style. Plenty of folks to root for.  These few lucky people are already chosen, but maybe you’ll be up for applying for the next season.

You can find all the info on the races and the pilots at the official page for the Drone Racing League.


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