The Spaceballs Winnebago Has Been Dronified

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The Spaceballs Winnebago Has Been Dronified

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Spaceballs is the best parody film of all time. Mel Brooks’ genius mocking of Star Wars features hilarious variations of every piece of George Lucas’ galaxy, with Han and Luke combining into the character of Lone Starr, C3PO becoming Dot Matrix, Darth Vadar as Dark Helmet, and so on. Even the Millennium Falcon gets a makeover, going from beat-up, modified space freighter to beat-up, modified Winnebago. And now it’s been commemorated in the best way possible — by having a miniature, flying version of it built by a fan.

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The creation comes from Google engineer Adam Woodworth, who spends his free time creating flying recreations of Star Wars craft, everything from foam X-Wings to his amazing Speeder Bikes to Boba Fett’s Slave I to a transforming Imperial Shuttle. (Those coming to Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend can meet him and see his builds on display.)

For the Winnebago (called Eagle 5 in the movie), Woodworth actually built two units, one that hovers, and one that flies “The flying one uses pretty much all the same build methods and materials of the X-wing,” he tells us in an email. “The hovering one, is about 70% scale (half weight) and uses the internals of a Hubsan X4 for control.”

From the video description:

Last build before Maker Faire is actually a 2-in-one! Hovering and flying Eagle 5 Starbagos. This one beats out the snowspeeder as hardest shape to get flying properly. To counter act all the spacious accommodations that come standard on the starbago, I had to add the blue “exhausts” to get enough vertical tail area. Still flies like…well…a bus.

Looks like the B-wing was the most popular choice from last time, so that’ll be the next build.

We’re looking forward to seeing that. Chime in on the comments if you have a request for what he does after that.

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