9 Star Wars Vehicles from a Galaxy Not So Far, Far Away

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For better or worse, the vast majority of us don’t have access to space travel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make something Star Wars-themed to help us travel on earth. These seven vehicles will definitely define you as a true fan, though each creation’s usefulness as a daily driver varies immensely!

H-Wing Car

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As seen in this video, Obi-Wan Kenobi impersonator Shawn “Obi-Shawn” Crosby has converted what appears to be a Toyota MR2 into an “H-Wing Car.” In the video, Crosby talks about how this car has nearly 240,000 miles on it, so he plans on making another car based on a 350Z. He’s since built that , and it can be seen in another video below.



Although I don’t have any additional information on this VW Bus with AT-AT legs, I’m quite sure it is no longer street-legal. Perhaps it’s actually a tiny house that can only be accessed via grappling hook.

[via BeforeItsNews]

R2 D2 VW Bus


Driving a VW bus might just be as close to driving around in a real life R2 as you can get. Especially if you’ve made a custom R2 D2 vinyl wrap for it like Instructables user mimaki cg60 did with his V-dub.



In another unexplained Imperial car sighting, this one appears to at least be capable of moving on its wheels. On the other hand, visibility can’t be great, and substituting fake (we hope) blasters for headlights probably doesn’t help its case for road use.

[via Twitter Clippings]

Bobba Fett-Themed Hyundai Veloster

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Of all the characters in the original episodes, Bobba Fett had to be the most popular for the amount of time he spent on screen. This car wrap process, seen in the video’s time-lapse sequence, does homage to this excellent character. The final results can be seen at 1:34.

[via GeekTyrant]

Sandcrawler Vehicle


If you want to cruise around the desert in style, what could be better than a Sandcrawler? This replica features a nicely-shaded upper deck, and what appears to be more space for humans “below decks.” Whether or not it also holds robotic junk inside is unknown!

[via Twitter Clippings]

R2 Airliner


When All Nippon Airlines wanted to celebrate Star Wars, they had a tough choice. Which character would they immortalize? Well, they did what any proper fan would do, immortalize more than one! They have an R2 D2 jet as well as a BB-8 jet.

[via All Nippon]

Darth Vader Car

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In this video, Jay Leno shows off a Darth-themed car that is actually a full-size version of a Hot Wheels car. According to its designer, Bryan Benedict, this type of car is meant to be the “vehicular expression of popular characters that everyone knows and loves.” You can see it driving at the beginning of the video, and again at around 17:10.

Z-Wing 350Z Car

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True to his foreshadowing in the first video, Crosby did indeed construct another Star Wars car based on the 350Z. Like his previous build, it’s quite unique. And as with that first build, probably the most distinguishing feature is the Astromech R2-D2 unit conspicuously popping up out of the back.

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