This DIY Camping Shower Folds Down To Almost Nothing

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This DIY Camping Shower Folds Down To Almost Nothing
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When you’re out camping, a shower after a couple days can get to be a necessity, but being fully exposed to the wilderness while you scrub isn’t for everyone. Wesley Harville is back again with a fantastic build to accompany his off-road rugged camper. This time he’s added a nice shower that folds out of a tiny case on the side of his trailer. This set up is really nice as he’s not having to fold up a soggy shower and put it back inside his trailer like many other systems do. His folds neatly into the carrying case he has mounted externally.

Wesley has full plans on how to build one for sale on his site, but if you’re the type to figure it out on your own, he was nice enough to give a free parts list so you can wing it.


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