“My Visit to the Future at Maker Faire”

“My Visit to the Future at Maker Faire”

Images from the New York Hall of Science Flickr feed

Marsha Semmel, who participated in Maker Faire Detriot and wrote a piece for our Making Detroit series, has a lovely piece about World Maker Faire on the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS) blog.

For IMLS, the maker movement exemplifies the creativity, technological proficiency, innovative problem solving, and STEM learning that characterize the 21st century skills that our people need and that our museums and libraries can promote. In July, we awarded a Museums for America grant to the New York Hall of Science. Queens Makes will extend the Maker Faire spirit among the makers and families of the diverse ethnic and cultural communities of Queens throughout the year, fostering invention, design, and experimental problem solving through a partnership between NYSCI, the Queens Museum of Art and borough residents.

Singing Sashimi and Making a Robot with Mom: My Visit to the Future at Maker Faire

4 thoughts on ““My Visit to the Future at Maker Faire”

  1. Jeff Del Papa says:

    If anyone reading this has video footage of my Trebuchet firing, please drop me a note.  dp at the-nerds.org   I will happily trade beer for use of the footage.

  2. Gregg says:

    Oh my aching field density equalizers! I was there. I actually talked to the man at his Chumby table. How I did that I do not recall, but it was stuffed between my finally finding the table, and his tech talk on his latest wonder.

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