47′ Halloween spider


Excellent. Readers, how have you decorated your houses this Halloween?

And a reminder, if you’re entering a project in our DIY Haunts Halloween contest, now is the time to peruse our entry form. Deadline: November 2nd at midnight. [Via Hack a Day]

4 thoughts on “47′ Halloween spider

  1. Jeff Wilson says:

    Will keep it in mind for next year’s upgrade of my little front yard friend: http://thejeffwilsonexperience.com/blog/2010/10/22/halloween-spider/

    1. Trey says:

      That was actually pretty difficult to do. I ended up using a threaded rod with a piece of conduit locked in. The body is mounted on the conduit, and the threaded rod runs through old skate bearings mounted in the wood on either side. The balance needs to be perfect or else the gears will relax and it will move really jumpy. Here’s a video I took while still making it. It might help. http://s465.photobucket.com/albums/rr19/f00thead/?action=view&current=2010-10-14192620.mp4

      Your spider is pretty awesome. Do you have a larger picture of it?

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