5lbs of Silly Putty for $77


Putty Brian sent this along, 5lbs, wow! Silly Putty has been around for 50 years, and in that time it’s become an international toy classic. Now you can purchase a 5-lb. block of original Silly Putty. The block comes in a box. No plastic eggs are included. Share pieces of this 5-lb. blob with classmates, co-workers, family and friends. Link.

8 thoughts on “5lbs of Silly Putty for $77

  1. BillCoderre says:

    For many years, you’ve been able to order “wholesale quantities” of “Dilatent compound” directly from DuPont. I believe the order quantity is units of 50 lbs. In college, and at more liberal Silicon Valley institutions, it’s common for some ambitious hacker to buy a brick and distribute it. And yes, the usual first thing to do is to roll the entire thing into a ball and throw it off a tall spot and watch it bounce.

    Not too tall, though, or it will shatter and explode.

    There are also web stores that carry 1lb blocks, and even some that make their own custom-colored putty that has metallic shimmer, or changes color when warmed by the hands.

    It’s nice that Crayola is doing the cutting, for us lazy types.

  2. arkwolf says:

    You can find one of the 1 lb store by searching for “thinkingputty”. They have a putty that is magnetically responsive and several glow-in-the-dark and black-light reactive styles.

    Knowing that guy he would probably sell you a 5 lb block for a price as he does custom orders.

  3. opaque says:

    One really wonders about society when an advert for FIVE POUNDS of silly putty requires a warning about it being a choking hazard.

  4. philliptorrone says:

    brady sent this to me, neat!

    Only want 2 pounds of Silly Putty?
    Maybe you want 100 pounds of Silly Putty, or a unusual color of Silly
    Putty? http://bulkputty.org/ordering/
    Maybe you want 2 pounds of regular Silly Putty?
    Want to see Silly Putty sculptures? http://bulkputty.org/creations/
    Want to know what happens if you drop Silly Putty cannonballs off your
    balcony? http://www.hungry.com/~tspencer/putty/

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