6 Terrifying Treats for Your Halloween Party

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If you’re going to go to the trouble of making (or at least buying) a Halloween costume for a party, then certainly having appropriate food is par for the course! For a few spooky CIY (cook it yourself) ideas, check out the following!

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats


Everyone loves Rice Krispie treats (at least they should), but serving them on Halloween might be a bit boring. Add orange food coloring, frosting, and a pretzel stick, and when properly shaped you have… a pumpkin with an edible eating handle!

“Pumpkin” Bowls, AKA “Mesclun Meanies”


Although only marginally edible, these salad bowls made out of orange peels look fun and quite unique. Perhaps they might even convince someone to substitute in some greens for a tiny bit of their candy!

[via allyou.com]

Food Face


For another healthy Halloween snack, shown here is the terrifying “Food Face!” Though likely edible, your guests likely won’t be able to figure out how to eat this creation. And what is scarier than now knowing whether to use a fork, your hands, or if the whole thing is just a garnish?

Hot Dog Mummies


Here’s a clever idea for a scary hot dog dish. Just cut a hot dog up into a torso, arms, and legs, then cover with dough to imitate a mummy’s wrappings. Two dots of mustard add scary eyes. If that’s too much work, you can also use an uncut hot dog wrapped in a similar manner.

Chocolate Strawberry Mummies or Ghosts


This versatile recipe can be applied in two different ways. Melt white chocolate onto a strawberry to form the beginnings of a ghost, then use an edible ink pen or chocolate chips to form the eyes and mouth. To make a mummy, just neglect the mouth and melt white chocolate around the outside to form tasty wrappings.

Halloween Monster Cookies

halloween cookies

There are lots of ideas here, but perhaps you’d like to serve an old classic, the cookie! For some great ideas on how to decorate them, check out this Instructables article!


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