8 Easy Bike Hacks to Build Right Now

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Personalize your ride with these clever pedal projects!

1. Pedal Power Phone Charger

Photo by Sean Ragan
Photo by Sean Ragan

Give your USB gadgets some extra juice while you break a sweat.


2. Spoke Amplifier Tailpipe

Photo by John Edgar Park
Photo by John Edgar Park

Ever stick a baseball card in your spokes? Now they’ll really hear you coming with this stylish bike spoke resonator pipe.


3. Wireless e-Bike Battery Monitor

Photo by Alasdair Allan
Photo by Alasdair Allan

Keep an eye on how much juice is left in your e-bike with this wireless Bluetooth LE monitor.


4. Leather Belt Handlebar Grips

Photo by Nikos Mavrivakis
Photo by Nikos Mavrivakis

Easily turn an old belt into a comfortable and classy pair of handlebar grips.


5. Bike Seat Secret Compartment

Photo by M3G
Photo by M3G

Prep your bike for the zombie apocalypse (or an off road trek) by hiding an emergency survival kit in your bike seat.


6. Take-Along Bar

Photo by Lee Swenson
Photo by Lee Swenson

Bring your refined taste in cocktails on the road by building this mini liquor cabinet that fits in your bike frame.


7. Friendly Face Tire Cap

Photo by Urs Graedel
Photo by Urs Graedel

Pull the head off a Playmobil figurine and transform it into a kid-approved cap.


8. Giant Street Chalk Grinder

Photo by  Lled Smith
Photo by Lled Smith

Expand the scale of your sidewalk chalk art pieces by attaching a giant homemade chalk brick to your back tire.

3 thoughts on “8 Easy Bike Hacks to Build Right Now

  1. kobayashi says:

    Where is the hack number zero?

  2. Stephen Beres says:

    After touring the Big Island of Hawaii by mountain bike & camping gear, heavy & expensive camera equipment, etc. (total weight: 110 pounds) Whew! My neck has 8 screws & rebar holding it rigidly together, which turned really painful in that riding position for 30 to 60 miles per day.
    I redesigned the handlebars for a more upright, comfortable ride. I ditched the straight horizontal handlebars for the 1970s style high rise handle bars. I bent the ends towards me, so I didn’t have to splay my elbows outwards. For handles, I used the hand grips from 2 broken BB pistols. Almost complete, I was going to attach the brake cables to the pistol triggers.
    During my move to Connecticut, my bike, bike rack, skis & roof rack were stolen! Aargh!!!
    I have a new bike now, and intend on doing the same. I’ll post some photos when I’m done.

  3. Brett Nathan says:

    Where is hack number 9?

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