A Closer Look: Halloween Etsy – Frankenbride





By Arwen O’Reilly

Not enough people send Halloween cards, in my opinion, but Lida’s hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind cards of “cute and creepy” creatures are a good place to start. (Or you can just frame them and keep all the creepy goodness to yourself.) I love her “mr. hot pants” skeleton, and “frankenbride” seems like the perfect pairing with “bat boy.” Check out her shop on Etsy to see her other drawings as well, or see her on Myspace.

Arwen: How did you get involved with crafting?

Lida: I have always made crafts, since I was little (like in elementary school…I think that is when I started cross-stitching). I love working with my hands and am a very visual person. I like how with crafts, each thing is unique and made with care. I found crafting very therapeutic and helpful in focusing my energy. (I am one of those people who can’t keep still!)

Arwen How do you feel about Halloween? What gave you the idea for the images on the cards?

Lida: I LOVE Halloween!! Anything creepy, scary, or spooky! I love all sorts of halloween-type art. I really like Tim Burton, so most of my ideas come from him, but then I add my own twist to them. Also my baby gives me ideas (well, her toys). For example, the “mmm carrots” one: she has a toy with carrots in them and I thought it was so cute so I decided to draw a little scary girl with carrots. I found it funny. ‘bat boy’ is from the off-broadway play ‘bat boy.’ I saw it a few years ago and decided to make a funny halloween picture of it. Most of the drawings have some funny little humor that goes along with them. So I guess I was going for funny, dorky, Halloween drawings.

Arwen: What’s your favorite Halloween story? Or crafting story?

Lida: Last year i was pregnant and my friend had a halloween engagement party. Well, it turned out that she surprised everyone and it was a WEDDING! We were all in costume! So she called up all the people in the bridal party and there I was, one of her maids of honor, almost 8 months pregnant, standing up there in my costume, which was supposed to be one of the 7 dwarves from Snow White. the only thing was that everyone thought I was this roly poly looking gnome. It was quite funny!

Arwen: What are your favorite crafting books/magazines/websites?

Lida: I dont’ really have a favorite. I mainly just randomly look at various magazines and books while standing on line or shopping. There are tons of various websites that I go to, but each day it’s a different one!

Arwen: What’s one tip you’d give to other crafters?

Lida: You can never collect enough stuff…always be on the lookout for cool things to inspire you and to use in your crafts. I am a master junk collector. and also stock up on supplies when they go on sale. You can never have too much stuff!

Arwen: What inspires you?

Lida: I look at so many different things…other artists, cards, stickers, etc…to get ideas. most of my inspiration comes from other artists. I look at other artists mainly online (on their sites) or on myspace. I absolutely love Roman Dirge, Tim Burton (especially Nightmare Before Christmas…that is THE biggest influence on my crafts/art!), and Kathie Olivias…but there are so many other awesome artists I can’t even begin to remember them all. When I look at other work I get inspired to make my own creepy creations! My baby also inspires a lot of my drawings. I always, think, what would be cute for her room when she gets a little bigger? I think the more traditional baby/children pictures are nice, but spooky ones are even better! Babies and kids need more spooky pictures and things everyday, not just during Halloween!

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