All Hallows’ Eve, a new Weekend Project, and a “Killer” Challenge…

All Hallows’ Eve, a new Weekend Project, and a “Killer” Challenge…

Halloween night is nearly upon us. You’ve decked out your house with ghoulish accoutrements and you checked out the MAKE editors in their best costumes. You’ve dimmed the lights and filled the candy bowl. The trick-or-treaters are on their way in droves and you’re so glad we’re able to put together our latest Weekend Project just in time for the “witching” hour.

Tomorrow, we’ll unveil our latest project: an alarm system perfect for detecting spooks, ghouls, or any other candy-grubbing masked intruders that might make their way to your doorstep tomorrow night. It’s frighteningly easy to put together with a few parts you may already have laying around (or a quick stop at your local RadioShack).

This is the quick, simple project that will take your haunted home to the next level, freak out the neighbor kid, and might even win you a cool prize!

Morbidly curious as to what this latest project entails and how you can win yourself a limited edition print copy of our special MAKE: Halloween issue? All the details will come your way tomorrow in our next edition of the Weekend Projects newsletter. Not a subscriber? Sign up here:


8 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Eve, a new Weekend Project, and a “Killer” Challenge…

  1. chat says:

    excelent! thanx for posting.

  2. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

    uhm… that thumbnail you-all have on the main page for this, looks like… oh never-mind (ah blames m’self)

    1. mupeg says:

      Maybe we go to the same middle school or something but that is the exact same thing I thought. I laughed out loud at work. Thanks to whoever ‘accidentally’ cropped the image so perfectly.

    2. monocogger says:

      I’m in the same wagon with you guys.

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