Altoids tin survival kit…

Altoids tin survival kit…

Kit-UnpackedThis kit is designed to be a 72-hour kit. It is designed to be small and portable, but also to be effective in providing for the Survival “Rule of Threes.” The basic kit is enclosed in an Altoids tin, wrapped with 10 feet of 550 parachute cord. Note the 3/32″ diameter hole drilled in the upper right hand corner of the tin. This kit provides for shelter preparation, fire making, water storage and treatment, signaling capability, basic medical needs and food procurement. [via] Link. I think Altoids should sell these in the check out lanes at grocery stores (with mints too).

4 thoughts on “Altoids tin survival kit…

  1. karapcik says:

    The latest print Field and Stream (Nov ’05) has an article on three different level survival kits that can be made up at home. All based off a basic Altoids setup (and then embellishments).

    Always interesting to see some of the kit contents. Sort of reminded me of the key chain tool kit in one of the issues of MAKE. The Field and Stream issue might be worth you while to check out while browsing your local book seller.

    Article idea – a real “MAKE” like survival kit for tech projects. Just specialized for different projects.

  2. plshark says:

    “I think Altoids should sell these in the check out lanes at grocery stores (with mints too)”

    I’d be pissed if I tried to buy mints an ended up with some Band-Aids. Great idea though, I’ll have to get some more mints or give up my Optio S case

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