Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire 2010: Success!

Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire 2010: Success!



Congratulations to the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire folks for putting on an awesome Faire! The event has grown quite a bit since last years event. There were lots of awesome things on display, such as a solar-powered tractor, DIY skee ball machine, a magnetoscope, homemade saw mill, improvised musical instruments, and robots galore, not to mention learn-to-solder and learn-to-sew demonstrations. Here are some photos that I took of the festivities.

Did you attend? Be sure to share your photos and memories in the comments!

Also, remember that Maker Faire Detroit is just around the corner, and there’s still time to register to exhibit! If you’ve been working on cool gadgets, projects, or crafts, this is a great place to show them off and inspire others!

6 thoughts on “Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire 2010: Success!

  1. Bob A. says:

    OK, I understand you want to hype the Maker Faires and congratulate the sponsors, but every time you report that a Maker Faire was a “success”, I wonder what would constitute a failure? Getting rained out? Having low attendance? Being hit by an earthquake? Being upstaged by a Star Trek con? Or (worst of all) being boring?

    What are the criteria for success?

    1. Matt Mets says:

      These Mini Maker Faires are put on by local community groups that volunteer their time and effort to make them happen- they aren’t official Make events. Anyone who can pull a group together and make an awesome event like this is a success in my book. Doubly so for the Ann Arbor crowd, who have done it two years in a row now.

  2. pete says:

    Awe, I wish I knew this was coming up. I am only a half hour away from Ann Arbor.

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