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Batman Blythe

From the CRAFT flickr pool, crafter FiddybobiddyFiddy shows us that even Blythe is getting in the Halloween spirit with a crochet Batman mask. Don’t miss Blythe the Flash on the next page. Link.

8 thoughts on “Batman Blythe

  1. ErickaJo says:

    Tsk. That’s crochet ;)

  2. nataliezee says:

    oh jeez, you are right! How could I? :)
    I need to start wearing my glasses again. Thanks Ericka!

  3. Lexy says:

    Could I order one?!

  4. annonymoose says:

    …but the other one she made is not Flash Gordon. It’s THE Flash. Flash Gordon is some kind of astronaut thing that old people remember and a lousy closer for the Philadelphia Phillies. I’m sorry its just that this is one of those things that drive comic book fans nuts.

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