Best of Maker Faire: Austin Underground’s films


I understand Maker Faire Austin is done and gone, but I’m still thinking about how much fun it was. Over the next week or 2, I’ll continue to share some highlights from the most make-tastic event Austin’s ever seen.

Thanks to Austin Underground for this great video highlighting some of the more interesting vehicular creations at Maker Faire:

They’ve also made a highlight reel of the instruments on display:

More will be coming; check out their channel over the next few weeks to see more great footage!

2 thoughts on “Best of Maker Faire: Austin Underground’s films

  1. JanM says:

    I love those videos, thanks! A small suggestion, though – is there any chance you could do with less fast-paced editing, crazy camera angles, close-ups and constant zooms and tracking shots next time? The stuff you’re showing is by far interesting enough to stand on its own – there’s no need to jazz it up by turning it into a MTV clip, which I personally find a bit distracting. Actually, this was more noticeable in the other clips you posted from this year’s Faire than in these two, but still…

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