Build a Contact Microphone workshop at AS220 in Providence, RI

Build a Contact Microphone workshop at AS220 in Providence, RI

James from AS220 Labs wrote in to let us know about a fun—and cheap—workshop coming up next week:

Fellow makers of all things noisy, lend me your ears!

This month, we got a special workshop going on at the labs. Traveling circuit bending rock band, CMKT 4 will be stopping by the labs to host a “Build a Contact Microphone” workshop on Thursday, September 22nd. Contact microphones are awesome for noise making and experimenting. Just check out some cool projects here – Get LoFi. You can record sound traveling through any material (metal, wood, your body…starting to get awesome ideas?).

What can you do with a contact mic? Put it into a glass of water in the freezer and record the sound of water freezing or unfreezing. it sounds really cool! Slap it on a banjo or any acoustic instrument and electrify it!

What: How to build a Contact Microphone (by CMKT4)
Where: AS220 Labs, 131 Washington Street, Providence, RI 02903
When: Thursday, September 22nd 7-10PM
Cost: $20 (includes materials for building microphone)

Build a Contact Microphone Workshop


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