Cast Away Needle Felting Class This Weekend


I love stylish yarn shops, especially when they have a well-rounded schedule of classes and contests. Cast Away is one of these shops. It’s a lovely and welcoming space in Historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa, Calif. A wooden ship in the store holds skeins, and stunning vintage chairs provide a space to work. All this against a chic brick wall backdrop. Justine Malone informed me of a needle felting class there this weekend, and of the needle felting contest they’re currently running. I want to sail over there in a yarn-filled boat across a sea of wool.

Create a piece of art with needle felting. Make a landscape a portrait or just go abstract! Bring in an image to work from or just work from your mind. Supplies included but you might want to buy some extra needles and a foam mat (sold at Cast Away) to take home with you. Monica Ashley-Najmabadi has been teaching needle felting for 10+ years and she is really sweet and fun!

Saturday July 11, 10:30-1:30. $40 with supplies included at 111 4th Street, Santa Rosa, Calif. (707) 546-YARN

4 thoughts on “Cast Away Needle Felting Class This Weekend

  1. Laura says:

    Oh, I’m so excited you posted on this class! I was going to go to this, but instead I’ll be working at the Mini Maker Faire at Copperfield’s in Petaluma:
    I just love the idea of needle felting a landscape.

  2. alice says:

    This is such a wonderful place. Warm, inviting, friendly, and stylish. I went to a knitting group there when I was visiting, and DANG, did I wish her shop were in Sydney instead of Santa Rosa.

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