CEO of the MPAA on the Broadcast Flag

CEO of the MPAA on the Broadcast Flag

Dan Glickman CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America has a opinion column on CNET about how the Broadcast Flag needs to go forward. This is what we’re up against. If you like MythTV, developing software projects and using your TV the way you want to- a lot could change if the FCC can mandate how anyone builds or writes software that goes near HDTV. Link. Also: listen to our interview with Cory Doctorow for more about the Broadcast Flag.

2 thoughts on “CEO of the MPAA on the Broadcast Flag

  1. rlauzon says:

    The MPAA has forgotten the first rule of business: The customer is always right.

    The customer doesn’t want DRM. The customer doesn’t want restrictions on when, how, where he can watch TV programs.

    The piracy excuse is just a strawman. It’s already illegal for me to record a TV show, put it on a DVD and sell it to someone else. So they certainly don’t need any new rules to deal with piracy.

    The “if you don’t give us protection, we won’t let our shows on TV” excuse doesn’t hold water either. Content that sits locked up in a vault generates no revenue. If they don’t let their shows out, they make nothing – and quickly go out of business.

    We are the customers. We don’t want the broadcast flag. We are right. Any business that thinks differently won’t be in business much longer.

  2. brian.quillen says:

    This guy is Dracula, he will never listen to us. They have had a monopoly on the recording/music industry for years and they don’t want to lose it. Why would they? Its made them Millionaires! The Broadcast flag is a joke and it wont work! Let them try it. It will be funny.
    And if Intel starts putting DRM in their chips, well, I use AMD and and PowerPC chips anyway!

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