10 Charging Station Projects

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Let’s face it, one of the significant annoyances of our wondrous, electronically-charged age is the frequency with which we have to plug all of our portable and mobile devices in to maintain that charge. I, for one, have a spaghetti’d jumble of power strips, dongles, USB charging cables, brick and gumstick battery backups, and other tools of the juicing trade piled up at various strategic locations around my house and shop.

If you’d prefer that your living and working spaces looked a little less like the Unibomber’s cabin, you might want to check out the following charging station projects. There are so many ways that you can creatively hide all of the power strips and charging cables and make something that expresses your creativity, fits your home/office decor, and provides a one-stop spot for all of your device charging needs.

The Basic Charging Station

projectsQuickly turn a cigar box into a discreet (and fancy-smelling) charging station via this Instructable.

Lego Arcade Charging Station

projectsI love the look of this Lego-based charging station, which is really just a handsome stand for your phone while it’s being charged with your USB wall charger.

Toiletry Kit Charging Station

projectsUse a long, cylindrical toiletry bag to store a small power strip and USB dongles and cables to create a traveling charging station.

TARDIS Charging Station

projectsSew up this felt TARDIS to make a fun Doctor Who-themed phone charger.

Cordless Tool Station

projectsPhone, tablets, and laptops aren’t the only gadgets that require charging. Many of our power tools are now cordless, too. This type of cordless drill charging station is popular on Pinterest. The site Her Tool Belt offers complete plans for building such a station.

Antique Chest Charging Station

projectsThe instructions given in the caption to this image on the Midwest Living magazine’s website is pretty much everything you need to know to create a basic charging station inside of any box, chest, or other suitable container: “Drill a hole into the back of an antique box or chest. Insert a power strip then cover it with a wood shelf with holes for charging cords. Shut the lid when you want to conceal the functional aspect.”

Lamp and USB Charger

projectsTurn a junction box, some plumbing parts, and a lamp kit into a fun, industrial-style table lamp and USB charging station.

Charging on Grass

projectsGive your phone a little R&R on this faux grass mat charging station.

Make an Inductive Charging Bag

projectsIn this Make: Project, Sean Michael Ragan shows you how to create an inductive charging bag for your phone and other mobile devices.

Turn a Vintage Train Case into a Charging Station

projectsTurn a piece of antique luggage into a stylish, portable charging station following this simple tutorial.

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