Collection of Baby Snapsuit Costumes From Vickie Howell


Let’s face it – babies are difficult to dress for Halloween. Costumes end up either looking goofy or being way too uncomfortable for the little one. Vickie Howell has some clever ideas to remedy that in her new Craft Apparent column over at PBS Parents. She’s given instructions for four different infant costumes with baby snapsuits as their base. These look like they would be more comfortable for the kiddos, and more manageable for the parents. Pictured above, from top left to right: Strong Man, Munchkin, Wee Witch and Baby Sasquatch.

2 thoughts on “Collection of Baby Snapsuit Costumes From Vickie Howell

  1. terra78 says:

    I think more people should draw mustaches on their babies! Not just on Halloween…

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