This Laser Turret Responds To Voice Commands

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This Laser Turret Responds To Voice Commands

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Tucker Shannon is back again with another very cool laser display. This time, instead of making a two armed plotter, he’s opted to build a turret, which he then connected to Google. Want to know the weather? Just ask Google to fire your laser!

It can be a bit difficult to see the whole mechanism in that dark video above. Here’s a CAD breakdown of the entire system.

You can easily identify the base, two motor drivers, a raspberry pi zero, and two stepper motors. He 3D printed the parts, slapped it all together, and connected it using IFTTT and Adafruit IO.

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If you wanted to build your own, you’re in luck. Not only has Tucker shared the info in this gallery and uploaded the files to thingiverse, he’s also made a video showing the full construction.


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