Cubicle o’ peanuts prank

Cubicle o’ peanuts prank

How to Fill an Office with Packing Peanuts [via

6 thoughts on “Cubicle o’ peanuts prank

  1. spudgun says:

    Having packing peanuts drop from the ceiling is good for some laughs as well- ‘zee birthday prank’ on youtube

  2. says:

    Had a friend in college who worked a temporary contract for a phone company, sitting in a cubicle in a converted warehouse… The evening of the last day of the contract (his job disappeared at midnight), he looked up and noticed that the manager’s fishbowl/office was under the parachute sized bag of packing peanuts still hanging over where the warehouse’s shipping line used to end…

    A few minutes to find a stepladder and lift one of the ceiling tiles aside, and position the tube….

    The office was a little over waist deep before they ran out. What were they gonna do? Fire him?

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