DiResta: Jimmy Carves a Stormtrooper Helmet for Halloween

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DiResta: Jimmy Carves a Stormtrooper Helmet for Halloween

In each bi-monthly episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday at 2pm PT), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy. In this special Halloween episode of DiResta, Jimmy wields a slasher-worthy kitchen knife and goes all Norman Bates on a block of styro. When the carnage is over, he emerges with a sweet Star Wars stormtrooper helmet for Halloween. We suggest you might want to employ a slightly less murderous carving tool. -Gareth Branwyn

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  • Magic Sculp
  • Dow Blueboard Styrofoam
  • 3M 77 Spray Glue
  • Acrylic Paints


  • Kitchen Knife
  • Band Saw
  • Sureform Tool

Jimmy’s Notes:

I’ve been trying to think of a good project to use Magic Sculp on. It’s a great product: mix the 2 part clay together and it will cure over several hours to a hard plastic. It files and sands easily, too. Before it cures, you can use water to smooth and shape your project. For Halloween, I wanted to make a mask. I’ve always loved Star Wars characters, especially the stormtroopers. When I found a 4″ thick piece of Styrofoam blueboard insulation in the trash, I got inspired to undertake a stormtrooper helmet. I found the kitchen knife last year at a flea market for $2. The process of sculpting is very specific and each sculptor has a different method. I like a big knife. The idea of worn texture adds history and character to an object. I used acrylic paint and the dry brush technique to make the helmet look old and tired. For the eyes, I used some perforated aluminum I picked up years ago at the hardware store.

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