DIY Speaker stands

DIY Speaker stands

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Chris writes –

I’ve recently been building out my home theater system. One thing that’s always difficult, especially in an apartment without a dedicated TV or home theater room, is where to place your speakers.

Traditionally you’ll wall-mount them or put them on speaker stands. But wall mounting isn’t a good option for me, since all the “good walls” are too far away or obscured by doors or bookshelves. And stands are out, because they’re prohibitively expensive ($40-100 each) and generally too short to stick up above the back of my couch. Plus I have an overactive cat who gets her thrills by bouncing off of and knocking over things, so normal speaker stands generally aren’t stable enough to withstand her abuse.

So I decided to build my own. – blog » How-To: Dirt-Cheap Speaker Stands – [via] Link.

14 thoughts on “DIY Speaker stands

  1. jordan314 says:

    This is great!
    I have cats too that like to tear my speakers down. Plus the speakers are too far away.
    What’s up with overpriced home theater mounting equipment? I almost bought a projector mount that cost $150. Next I could use a DIY projector mount instructions!

  2. krezel says:

    Ack! I’ve been Makezine-dotted!

    (Struggling to log onto his web host)

  3. krezel says:

    Alright. My site is back up using the powers of wp-cache.

    Be nice to my server from now on. That was not fun. :)

  4. MikeCat says:

    Jordan, I made a DIY projector mount using a large speaker mount for a wall. It holds up to 20 lbs; should be enough for your projector. It was 20 bucks. I cut a small wood base for the proj to sit on. Then I painted it the color of my walls. I bought the mount at u-do-it electronics in Needham, MA, but not sure where you are located.

  5. jordan314 says:

    Thanks MikeCat! I’m in the midwest but I’ll investigate similar solutions.

  6. michaeljedelman says:

    What a great way to recycle all those wrecked and junked torchiers out there! But keep in mind that a heavy, rigid speaker stand can makes a audible difference; woofer motion will cause the speakers on lightweight stands to move.

  7. jordan314 says:

    Sweet! I found the lamp stands for $8.50 where I am.
    I blogged about it here:
    Thanks Chris!

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