Dorkbot Meetups

Dorkbot Meetups


Dorkbot meetups tend to happen on first Wednesdays. People doing strange things with electricity gather to share ideas and get support on half made projects around the world. I’m going to be at the one in NYC that will have a focus on music that looks really good. Do you have a dorkbot in your neighborhood to go to? – Link

3 thoughts on “Dorkbot Meetups

  1. wbeaty says:

    Yeah, Seattle has one! Though this month it’s postponed (too much stuff already, people recovering.) See

  2. drewzhrodague says:

    And of course Pittsburgh, PA, which has been generally quite the hopping event. We hold our meetings about once a month at the Brillobox, in Lawrenceville.

  3. idea fab back cover india says:

    idea fab back cover india

    Dorkbot Meetups | MAKE

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