Dorkbot NYC this Wednesday


Dorkbot NYC is this Wednesday!

Featuring the pale green and salt-forming:

Torino:Margolis is a performance art team that crosses physical and psychological barriers, using invasive electronics and biomedical tools. They explore the idea that the self is transient, elusive and modular by playing with the notion of control and free will. In their new media/dance piece, Action Potential, they harvest a dancer’s neuronal impulses using electromyography machines. Using Arduino and XBees, the signals are sent wirelessly to Pure Data open source software, which transforms the signals into sound. Sound/programming by Lee Azzarello and choreography by Dana Kotler.

Stefani Bardin: Chemical Proust: Remembrance of Things Pastiche I’m a media maker interested in the intersections of food, technology and science. By examining industrial food production alongside the media rich stylized presentation of food and using such tools as artificial smells (that “flavor” our food supply) and gastroenterology technology I look at food as both a mediating agent and phenomenological reference point within our society and how its role has changed through the modern influences of technology and corporate culture.

Lee von Kraus: cyborgs and cybernetics I will discuss the roborat, roboroach, and other cybernetics stuff I’m working on. The roborat is a rat that is trained to move in directions specified by electronic signals sent to its brain via electrodes. The roboroach is a cockroach that is tricked into moving in specified directions by using mechanically actuated antenna stimulation. The ‘other cybernetics stuff’ refers to a goal of augmenting brains via induction of new circuit formation.

What: dorkbot-nyc meeting

When: 7-9pm, 07 Oct 2009

Where: Location One, 20 Green Street, north of Canal

$$$: $$$FREE$$$

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