EHSM Open Source and DIY Conference

EHSM Open Source and DIY Conference

(EHSM) will feature presentations of the brightest DIY achievements. But we do not want to stop at DIY. In fact, we should not, because teamwork is the only way to get the big things done.
The open source ethos is about keeping the freedom and openness of DIY when many people are involved. At a time when thousands of developers from hundreds of companies contribute to Linux and the world’s largest physics laboratories share openly licensed hardware designs on OHWR, we will explore the cutting-edge open source hardware and software practices.
This premiere of the EHSM will be held in Berlin on December 28-30 2012. Everyone is welcome to attend it.

Admission is only $65 if you register before July 15th. Also, I think they’re still looking for presenters. (Image by Andrew Zonenberg, CC-BY — thanks, Andrew!)

8 thoughts on “EHSM Open Source and DIY Conference

  1. tom fauquet says:

    It would be nice if you didn’t assume that everyone understood every TLA or FLA.

  2. Andrew Zonenberg says:

    That photo looks an awful lot like it was cropped from the original ( that I took a few years ago while looking at the ENC424J600.

    Just to be clear I am completely OK with you guys using the pic, but I’m pretty sure that I release most of my stuff under CC-BY, meaning if you use my work you should credit the original source. Something like “Photo credit: Andrew Zonenberg” with a link is fine.

  3. ckeater says:

    yeah – if you use people’s cool work it’s not cool to do so without attribution. this sucks.

  4. John Baichtal says:

    Updated with a photo credit!

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