Firstgiving at Maker Faire Austin

Firstgiving at Maker Faire Austin

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We are excited to work with Firstgiving at Maker Faire Austin and wanted to let you know more about it before the big event! Firstgiving lets anyone raise money for any nonprofit at any time, by using person to person fundraising pages to leverage personal connections and social networks.
If you’re a nonprofit, you can set up a fundraising page for yourself and everyone who stops by the Firstgiving booth at Maker Faire will be invited to donate, if they’d like to. Having seen your work firsthand,
we expect a lot of people to be excited about helping you stay in business.

If you’d like to raise money for some other nonprofit, you can turn what you do (baking, modding bikes, distilling grain alcohol, etc.) into a fundraising “catalyst.” Then everyone who stops by the Firstgiving booth will be invited to donate to your “baking for charity” page.

For more information email with any questions or to get involved, and visit the Firstgiving web site here. – Link.

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