Flashback: Diabolical Horns

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October is a mere two days away, signifying the approach of my favorite crafty holiday, Halloween. Back in August of 2007, CRAFT and our sister publication MAKE teamed up to produce a special Halloween edition packed with DIYs covering everything from costumes to makeup to haunted house props and house decor. This week’s flashback is from the pages of the Halloween issue, and it’s the perfect segue into October because devil horns aren’t just for Halloween. They’re a fun accessory to have around for whenever you happen to be feeling a little devilish. These ones are easy to make, made sparkly with the glitter of your choice, and designed by a group of ladies who know devil horns, The Devil-Ettes, “San Francisco’s Go-Go Sweethearts.”

Diabolical Horns
Create devil horns with The Devil-Ettes in 5 easy steps!
By Dorinda von Stroheim

Sassy, sultry, yet utterly all-American, the San Francisco-based Devil-Ettes put on a kid-friendly, wickedly wild, high-energy show featuring historical dances from the heyday of 1960s go-go, including the Hully Gully, the Twist, the Frug, and the Watusi. They’ve also perfected the art of making devil horns.


Air-dry craft clay
White glue, glitter
Small plastic bowls or dishes
Elastic cord, large darning needle


Step 1: Measure an equal amount of clay for each horn. By hand, roll clay into 2 balls, then form into cones. Make the ends pointy and bend them in, forming horns.
Step 2: Stand horns upon the flat ends, then insert a toothpick through each base, to allow for the elastic cord (this is what keeps them on your head!). Allow horns to dry for 2-3 days. After they’re set (about 1 day), rotate the toothpicks daily.
Step 3: Pour glue into a dish. Holding the horn by the toothpick, paint the horn with glue, then dip it into glitter.
Let dry, and then add another coat of glue and glitter to make sure the horn is extra sparkly. Once drying is complete, remove toothpicks.
Step 4: Thread a darning needle with enough elastic to go around your head. Insert threaded needle into horns, pull the elastic through, and tie off the ends.
Step 5: Wear your horns and go-go with The Devil-Ettes!
About the Author:
Dorinda “Baby Doe” von Stroheim is artistic director and choreographer of The Devil-Ettes, and co-founder and producer of the first ever all-burlesque convention, Tease-O-Rama.

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