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Beet Delite

In my town, there is a restaurant called East West Cafe, and it serves a dip called Beet Delite. It’s a sort of hummus made of beets, and it is delicious.

The last time I ordered it, I told myself I’d try to make it, so I’ve been trying to identify the flavors. I think there’s tahini, and I’m pretty sure it has some yogurt, too, because it’s kind of creamy. This beet hummus recipe that I found on Once Upon a Tomato looks pretty close to what I think is in the magical Beet Delite. I may try making this tonight!


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  1. Laura Cochrane says:

    I made this last night and it was amazing! I only used about 1 cup of chickpeas, instead of two. Next time I’ll use Greek yogurt, to get a thicker consistency.

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