Best of Craft 2011: Recipes

Food & Beverage

We love recipes on CRAFT, because, well, food is delicious! We like easy recipes, complicated recipes, vegan recipes, and bacon. Here, in no particular order are my 10 favorite recipes that our contributors have created for you this year. I hope they inspire you to cook up something special.


Savory Bread Pudding
I love to cook, but never considered writing up a recipe. This is my first attempt, and the feedback and comments posted could not have been more glowing.


Calzone Hearts
While melted cheese might get everywhere, that would not stop me from eating these beauties with my hands.


Butterless Sponge Cake
This cake would make the perfect foil for just about any topping. Fresh fruit, yes. A dusting of cocoa, yes. You could even take all the butter that didn’t go in the cake and make it into caramel sauce. Yes.


The Walking Taco
This year brought us Haley, aka thezenofmaking. She’s completely fantastic. Her sewing projects are awesome, her disposition is awesome, and her walking taco is awesome.


Vegan Quinoa Salad
People like this salad. I seriously considered leaving the word vegan out of the title, because the fact that it’s vegan is inconsequential. Who cares if it’s vegan, it’s delicious!


oniondice_step 8.jpg
Dicing Onions 101
This isn’t a recipe. It’s a professional technique. And it’s a worthy inclusion on this list. When you learn to cut properly, you are much more likely to avoid a knife accident. Bonus- perfectly diced onions will melt better, caramelize better, and look better.


Mojito Float
Rum. Ice cream. Rum. Simple syrup. Rum. Limes. Rum. Fresh mint. Rum. Dyed sugar. Rum.


Potato Latkes
I used to always screw up latkes. They just never turned out. Until I faithfully followed these very useful instructions.


Vegan Macaroni and Cheese
This should not exist. But it does, and for that I am very glad.


Homemade Fruit Leather
I want mine to be made from blackberries! No wait, huckleberries. No wait, pineapple guavas!

8 thoughts on “Best of Craft 2011: Recipes

  1. thezenofmaking says:

    YUM. I want to make everything on the list! Thanks for including me. :)

  2. idosing says:

    recipes are good…its yummy….I love to cook.

  3. idosing says:

    recipes are good…its yummy….I love to cook.

  4. idosing says:

    recipes are good…its yummy….I love to cook.

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