Decorate Desserts with a CNC Cookie Monster Spirograph Machine

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Decorate Desserts with a CNC Cookie Monster Spirograph Machine


A Cookie Monster would, of course, never refuse an undecorated cookie. According to this Instructables article, however, sometimes Cookie Monster “gets bored of looking at the same old cookies.” I didn’t think he really looks at them much, but I digress…

After brainstorming, creators Arvid Jense and Marie Caye decided to make something out of a broken stereo system and an Arduino that Jense had laying around in his garage. A trip to a second-hand store produced the other parts for this build (excluding edible “components”), including the tea boxes that house the assembly, and, of course, The Cookie Monster.


Seen above is a simple sketch of what they thought this machine would look like when completed. Since they were using second-hand shops to source their components, the design had to be flexible to accommodate what was found. The resulting contraption is also quite flexible, as the height can be adjusted to decorate cupcakes.

Motors from the stereo are used to spin the cookie, while the glazing funnel is simultaneously moved, creating a unique pattern. Potentiometers allow adjustment, and the glazing is manually poured down a funnel onto the cookie. You can see this crazy contraption in action below.

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