Decorating Eggs With the EggLathe

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Decorating Eggs With the EggLathe

Chris Connors is a master of low-tech making, and he’s built this “poor maker’s Eggbot” — an EggLathe.

This EggLathe was built of laser cut corrugated plastic, and is an early iteration of the design. The first parts were cut of cardboard, but future parts should be cut from either acrylic or baltic birch plywood.

The sides were designed to have lots of slots, which will allow the interior parts holding the motor and gearbox to slide. This will allow for adjustability to accommodate a variety of objects in the EggLathe. The interior parts have a type of slot known as a TNut, which are shaped in a t pattern, and allows for holding a nut and washer captive. Compression is achieved by tightening the machine screw through the outside part.

You can see more photos of the EggLathe or download the vectors.


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