Dia de los Muertos Pet Cemetery

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Carla Blackmar of Sparrowpost has a great Dia de los Muertos sugar skull how-to. She decided to pay a gorgeous and hilarious homage to the fallen pets of her childhood:

Making candy skulls out of sugar is a Mexican tradition. According to internet sources, each skull is painted with the name of a deceased loved one, and then placed on the family’s “Day of the Dead” alter. WASP-y girl that I am, the notion of writing the names of my dearly departed in frosting on my sugary craft project seemed a little indecent…
Instead, I decided to make skulls to memorialize all of the various pets of my youth. This was to be an act of atonement, as I was the primary suspect in most of these murders. While I was able to purchase a mold to make the traditional human sugar skulls, it wasn’t going to be quite so easy to find a confection mold for a bird skull. Instead, I improvised, using bottles from my recycling bin as molds.

Have fun making your own variations! Link.

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