DIY Mascara from Oreos

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DIY Mascara from Oreos


You might already keep a stash of Oreo cookies on hand in case of a snacking emergency, but now you can use them for a fashion emergency too! According to enthusiastic beauty blogger Katherine Ward of xxmakeupiscoolxx, crushed up Oreo crumbs can be transformed into a concoction suitable for eyelash adornment, as she demonstrates in this delightfully entertaining DIY mascara tutorial video.

As someone who’s never worn mascara, I’m not sure how useful this DIY project might actually be, but I certainly do find the process of turning commercially produced cookies into a functional beauty product to be fascinating. I also can’t vouch for the safety of applying cookies and other chemicals that close to your eyes, but I do admire the experimental spirit of this video!

[via that’s nerdalicious]


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