Explore Fermentation with Kits from Kraut Source

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Explore Fermentation with Kits from Kraut Source

Karen Diggs’ company Kraut Source sells kits that allow you to explore the fermentation process with any produce you can think of. The fermentation process utilizes a salt brine, which differs from the pickling process in that it generates probiotics. In turn, the probiotics allow you to ingest good bacteria that aid in your digestive health.

Kraut Source also focuses on environmentally responsible design. In addition to fermentation you can use the kits’ paper packaging to plant dill seeds. The dill plant can then be used to flavor your next fermentation project, creating your own fermentation ecosystem. Karen and her team have made environmental decisions like these to compensate for “today’s ultra-fast, tech-crazed, stress-obsessed world,” and to “counter balance all that hyper activity and reconnect with nature by nourishing ourselves with down-to-earth, real, hand-crafted edibles.”

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