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Do you like gummi bears? If you do, you may have contemplated what it would be like to sink your teeth into a GIANT gummi bear. Pimp That Snack user Steve McCue made it happen, using honey bear containers as his molds. He humorously narrates his process, including the tale of Powder, the one and only lime green bear found in the whole five pound bag:

I didn’t find too much in the way of mutated gummis (we’ll see them in a later picture), but I did notice this little fella. He stuck out like a sore thumb, all lime green while all his compatriots were dark green. I nicknamed him “Powder,” after the film character of the same name, since he appeared to be an albino gummi. He failed to exhibit any telekinetic powers like his namesake, unfortunately. Powder just sort of kept looking at me the whole time I was sorting gummis, and I started to find myself growing attached to the little guy. Still, I vowed there would be no mercy from the fires of the melting pot.

Spoiler alert: Powder was not spared, and he ended up in the green “gummi magma” which subsequently became the giant green gummi bear.

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