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Holiday Cocktails at Rocker Oysterfellers

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The small town of Valley Ford, California is a tiny hamlet, with a spectacular bar and hotel on the historic and scenic Highway One. Rocker Oysterfeller’s is an upscale establishment, with a downhome attitude. The warm wood bar and the cozy fire are the perfect backdrop for their comfort food and drinks. The owners, Shona Campbell and Brandon Guenther, along with their trusty bartender Jason Campbell, created a line of holiday cocktails that embodies festive celebration, and have graciously allowed me to share them with you. The diverse drinks are not only gorgeous, but will appeal to every palate. From the not too sweet deliciousness of the Southern Pecan, to the Carribean Christmas, a tropical twist on eggnog featuring coconut milk, all the recipes are after the jump.

Juniper Cranberry French 75
1/2 oz Cranberry Juniper Syrup*
1/2 oz Lemon juice
1 1/2 oz Junipero gin
3 oz J sparkling wine
3 each Fresh cranberries
1 each Lemon twist
1. Shake the first three ingredients with ice in a shaker, and strain into the flute.
2. Top with sparkling wine, cranberries and a twist.
*Cranberry Juniper Syrup
1 Cup Unsweetened cranberry juice
1 Cup Light brown sugar
10 each Juniper berries, smashed
1. Combine the ingredients in a small saucepan and simmer until the syrup stage is reached.
2. Cool and strain.
The Southern Pecan
1 1/4 oz Sazerac Rye
1/3 oz Praline Liquor
1/8th oz Averna Amaro
Candied Pecans
Unsweetened Cream
1. Lightly shake cream to aerate.
2. Stir liquors with ice and add to the glass.
3. Float the cream by pouring it slowly over the back of a spoon.
4. Garnish with a pecan in the center of the cup
Carribean Christmas
6 each Eggs, seperated
3/4 Cup Powdered sugar
1/2 each Vanilla bean
1 Cup Coconut milk
1 Cup Spiced Rum
1/2 Cup Coconut Rum
1. Whisk egg yolks in a bowl until frothy, then add sugar and the seeds of the vanilla bean.
2. Continue to whip until light in color, then whisk in the spiced rum.
3. Set aside for 30 minutes to allow the egg flavors to dissipate.
4. Whisk heavy cream in a separate bowl until stiff peaks form. Continue whipping while slowly adding the coconut milk.
5. Beat egg whites in a separate bowl until soft peaks form.
6. Fold whites into the cream mixture, and the cream into the egg mixture.
7. Ladle into a glass and grate fresh nutmeg on top.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Cocktails at Rocker Oysterfellers

  1. Arlette says:

    Especially the Southern Pecan. And the Caribbean Christmas looks like an all-rum, dairy-free eggnog!
    (Psst — re: palette – think you mean “palate.” That’s the one in your mouth. “Palette” is the one artists put paints on, and “pallet” is the one shipping companies stack things on.)

  2. Brookelynn says:

    Spelling is so much harder than drinking! Thanks for the help with all those homonyms!

  3. harcout breton says:

    I like that you added vanilla beans on this, I think it complimented everything quite well.

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