How-To: Use Kale Stems

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How-To: Use Kale Stems


If you’re a kale enthusiast, but you’re not using the whole leaf, then you may be missing out on some stemmy treats. Learn how to make the most of your kale by using these great kale stem preparation tips, or contribute some tips of your own, over at Food52.

Naomi cooks them fresh: “I cut them into small pieces, sautĂ© them first (they take longer to cook), then add the cut-up leaves, and then some freshly grated nutmeg, minced fresh garlic, salt, and pepper at the end. Can’t be better (or any easier).”

Break out the canning jars and try your hand at preserving, like claire miller, who pickles them or breaks them down in a food processor to ferment, kimchi-style.

You can cook and puree the kale, including the smaller stems, and use them in my Apple Pie with Kale Lemon Crust, Kale and Apple Cake, Kale and Orange Cupcakes…


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