How-To: Breakfast For Dessert

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The last time we featured Vicky of Stasty’s work here on the blog, it was her brilliant pattern-changes-in-every-slice Rubik’s cake that had us mind-boggled and duly impressed. She’s at it again with another clever twist on dessert, this time with a bit of culinary trompe l’oeil.

The entire content of this plate is actually a delicious dessert. I took the idea of the humble breakfast and turned it into a yummy dessert.
The beans are white chocolate coated biscuits in an orange and strawberry coulis, the black pudding is chocolate biscuit cake, the sausages are peanut butter coated sponge wrapped in caramelised rice paper, the egg is a creamy panna cotta with lemon curd, the streaky bacon is brandy snap and the hash browns are crispy fried brioche pieces.The entire process took a while to invent and resulted in a number of sweet disasters.

Over the next week, she’ll be sharing recipes for whipping up your own breakfast-for-dessert, so stay tuned to her blog for all the details.
How-To: Rubik’s Cube Battenburg Cake

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