How-To: Conversation Hearts Cream Pie

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The conversation hearts of this cream pie from Jessie of Cakespy for Serious Eats aren’t just for decoration, they are actually in the pie filling, too. I’m one of the weird folks who likes to eat conversation hearts, but even if they aren’t your favorite, she assures that the pie is worth trying.

Believe it or not, letting those sugary-chalky lumps steep in milk before making a cream pie custard filling actually does yield a surprisingly toothsome (if slightly tooth-decaying) pastry product. No, it’s not fine dining–it’s best described as vanilla cream pudding pie punctuated with melty, pastel sugar cubes–but it goes down much easier than you’d think, especially when crowned with a cloud of freshly whipped cream.

See how to make your own over on Serious Eats.

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