How-To: Cool Whip Ice Cubes for Hot Cocoa

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With one flash of brilliance, Connie from About Him & Her completely changed my approach to hot cocoa. The frozen cool whip shapes from her tutorial do three things: 1. they cool down too-hot cocoa to a drinkable temperature ASAP, 2. they add the cream as they melt, negating the need for marshmallows, and 3. they make me very, very happy. What a fun, creative way to make an already good thing even better!

3 thoughts on “How-To: Cool Whip Ice Cubes for Hot Cocoa

  1. Michelle says:

    So i guess u use a cookie cutter then ?

  2. Haley Pierson-Cox says:

    Yep! You can check out the full tutorial by clicking through the link in the post.

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