Sous Geek: New Humble Bundle Deal

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Sous Geek: New Humble Bundle Deal


The new Humble Bundle “Sous Geek” cookbook collection would like you to ponder: How much liquid is in a mouse?

This is exactly the type of question that Sous Geek participant and Cooking for Geeks author Jeff Potter relishes, breaking down a (metaphoric) mouse to explain how you can guess a small-sized rodent’s water weight.

Once you’ve got critters sorted, how can you tell when the oven is hot enough? Put a bowl of white sugar in there, Potter suggests. If it creates a light brown crust, you’re just about at 350º. Go ahead and bake those cookies!

Using physics and other advanced science concepts to explain baking, roasting, chilling, and grilling, Potter’s best-selling book turns the kitchen into a delicious lab while making its ordinary processes transparent for those less analytically minded than he.

With a focus on the important concepts behind flavor, taste, and method — Potter’s Cooking for Geeks joins two Make: books and plenty of other great titles in a new bundle from Humble devoted to books about cooking, eating, and drinking — the good stuff.

This is the first time that we’ve ever participated in a bundle with other publishers and we’re thrilled.

Make:’s contributions include Kathy Ceceri’s fabulous science-as-food-all-of-it-as-fun title, Edible Inventions, and the project compilation book, Make: Like the Pioneers.

Pioneers is pulled together from a variety of terrific Make: magazine articles on everything from making soap to making cider, dipping candles to preserving fruit.

Edible Inventions features the wealth of ideas and projects that we’ve come to expect from author Kathy Ceceri.

Perfect for kids with some adult help, Edible Inventions shows you how to make your own butter with a mechanized butter bot that does the hard work for you; how to produce a hydraulic 3D food printer that uses Legos and frosting to build yummy creations; how to build a solar cooker that lets the sun do all of the work making nachos, cookies, and even a chocolate cake; how to construct a worm bin for making your own soil and an aquaponic jar where your pets help to grow the veggies; and much more!

Other books in this Humble Bundle include The Hamilton Cookbook providing a peek into the American kitchen circa 1770; A Thyme and Place updating medieval comestibles for the modern palate; The Astronaut’s Cookbook taking us all into space; and Mixed Up, combining cocktails with marvelously short flash fiction pieces. Among others!

As always with a Humble Bundle, you pay what you feel like paying from $1 up, unlocking over $400 worth of insight, fun, and instruction. The charity for this bundle is Feeding America, a nonprofit coalition of food banks across the U.S. Pretty appropriate!

This bundle ends on Wednesday, Jan. 7, at 10:59amPT. Get yours now, while they’re still, um, hot.

Check out the Sous Geek Humble Bundle in support of Feeding America for the next two weeks.

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