Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon

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Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up – it’s next Wednesday! If you’re planning an Irish-themed meal, this recipe for Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon on Everybody Likes Sandwiches looks quite nice.
Growing up, ours was a pretty standard (but delicious!) St. Paddy’s Day meal: Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes… I don’t even remember having soda bread. What do you eat on St. Patrick’s? Anything interesting?

10 thoughts on “Irish Soda Bread with Fennel & Cinnamon

  1. Katya says:

    We eat the basic corned beef, potatoes, cabbage. Last year I made soda bread for the first time. It was pretty good fresh, but the next day it had declined dramatically in taste and texture. I was going to toss it into the compost, when my world-travelin’ husband suggested that we fry it like they do across the pond.
    Buttered lavishly and thrown into a hot skillet, it changed from dense and leaden to crisp and moist. Served with sausages and poached eggs, it was one of the best breakfasts ever.

  2. persuede says:

    the pictures alone make me want to start baking, even though it’s 11 p.m. can’t wait to try it out!

  3. schmoomom says:

    This year, we’ll probably have Polish :-).
    Living in Ireland, we don’t have corned beef and cabbage, believe it or not. Ham and cabbage maybe, but not corned beef.
    Did you know that the Irish break Lent for Paddy’s Day? Just the one day.

  4. Laura Cochrane says:

    @schmoomom – I’ve heard that eating corned beef for St. Patrick’s came about as a tribute to Irish American immigrants who were too poor to eat other kinds of meat. Interesting (though not surprising) that everyone just ends up thinking that it’s a traditional Irish dish.
    @persuede – (nice screen name, by the way!) You know what’s making your mouth water right? It’s that nice layer of melted butter…
    @katya – Yum! Nice to know that you can use it the next day, though it sounds like not much further out than that. Looks (and sounds) like this bread, whether fresh out of the oven or next day, is best “lavishly buttered.” But then I’d ask you, what baked bread *isn’t* better lavishly buttered?
    I want to have a real breakfast. Lately my breakfasts have consisted of tangerines and the occasional Lara bar.

  5. persuede says:

    @lauracochrane – thanks, and sadly, yes I am very well acquainted with mr. melted butter. too well, I would argue. In my defense, however, though the butter is like the glittery goodness that attracts, it’s the combo of fennel and cinnamon that really intrigues…

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